The Harry Dictionary


The last month has been all about words. Out of nowhere, our pointing, grunting, little guy has become profoundly verbal. In fact, he never stops talking.

Here’s a quick translation guide to help.

  • Hay-wold – Harold
  • Doodoo – Dougal
  • Day-cee – Gracie
  • Ank – Hank
  • Oh-dee – Otis
  • Dapes – Grapes
  • Bah-bah (long pause) koo – Barbecue
  • Foe wocks – Throw rocks
  • Mee-mee Mo – Mickey Mouse
  • Don Duck
  • Fee-fee – Goofy
  • Poo-po – Pluto
  • Chep-mo – Chipmunk
  • Skweer – Squirrel
  • Pig – Hippo (he knows what’s up)
  • Duh Foo – Duck food
  • Dah Foo – Dog food
  • Frah How – Frog House (a book he loves)
  • Tenille – Toenail
  • Ahm (long pause) pit – Armpit
  • Oh sigh – Outside
  • Suh-meel – Soy milk
  • Soup-man – Superman or Snowman (it’s all about context)
  • See-hoss – Seahawks
  • Ass-oss – Applesauce
  • Mo nose – Blow nose
  • Mo-mo – Muffin
  • Pee-buh – Peanut butter

The following are words that need no translation. You’ll see a pattern here. Two-year-olds, dude.

  • Cheese
  • Out
  • Mine
  • No
  • Shoot (basketball)
  • Tractor
  • Truck
  • Bike

What word has he not yet managed to utter? Yes! He’s starting nodding yes, but it’s rare. Harry’s a no-man. He loves no.

In other news

Mr. Basketball This kid loves playing basketball. Every day after work, we play basketball outside for about an hour. Ben and Harry play basketball at the gym most days. After dinner, he plays basketball inside the house. He’s constantly yelling “Shoot! Shoot! Miss!” and he likes to point out all the parts of the hoop (net, rim, backboard). He especially loves it when the older kids in our neighborhood shoot baskets with him. He feels very special.

Mr. Football Ever since we saw my parents for Thanksgiving, Harry has been obsessed with watching football on TV. We’ve never allowed him to watch TV at home, but now he asks to watch football every day. Thankfully, football isn’t on very often and we can usually distract him. But, he watched some of the Rose Bowl, the last Seahawks playoff game, and a bit of the Pro Bowl. He likes to watch, run around, and throw his own football. He also likes to yell “Touchdown!”

“Ree Book” When he’s not playing basketball, playing Find Doodoo (Find Dougal), or wrestling, he’s reading. Right now, he’s bonkers for books. Every two weeks, I pick out 8-10 books from the library and Harold reads most of them every day. Together, we read 4-5 books before bed. He also reads in the car and during his meals. He loves books. I really hope this sticks!


  • Throwing things
  • Animals
  • Grapes
  • Yelling/Grunting
  • Splashing his bathwater
  • Doing dishes
  • Feeding the dogs
  • Walking the dogs on their leashes
  • Magazines
  • Muffins
  • Trains
  • Airplanes
  • Cheese


  • Brushing his teeth

23 Months


So much has been happening this month. He’s growing so fast and talking so much. And, he’s sleeping really well, which only makes me worry he’ll stop sleeping and thrust me back into No Sleep Land. I live in fear.

At any rate, Little Man is sporting the most beautiful platinum hair ever sprouted on human head. While there isn’t much of it, what’s there is gorgeous. He plays with it when he’s tired. It’s adorable.

I can’t believe he’s going to be two next month. The time has gone so quickly. I’m at once happy and sad, and full of so many emotions, it overwhelms me. I didn’t know I could love someone this much – and that’s a very vulnerable feeling. He is my whole world and I can’t imagine a time when he will go out on his own. It tears me up.

Clearly, I’m having a day, so on to happier stuff.

All the Words He’s talking more and more. In fact, he chatters most of the day. I can understand some of it, but I still frustrate him with my blank stares. Learning his language is challenging. I’m old. He’s doing much better learning mine. I look forward to knowing what’s really going on in his complicated brain. That kid is always thinking.

Pee Pee Progress Harry has been sitting on the potty for a while, but last week he actually peed a little. I was ecstatic. Of course, he hasn’t done it again since and now he won’t even sit on it for more than a few seconds. Baby steps. I don’t see many adults who aren’t house trained, so I’m not worried. He’ll come around in his own time.

Happy Hiker To say that toddlers have energy is a cliché, but I’m alarmed at how much activity this kid needs to get tired. On my days off, we’ll go for two walks a day, with playing and a nap in between. He loves to go to the park and walk the nature loop to feed the squirrels. We leave piles of oats under the trees. Harry has to visit every tree, lest some squirrel not get a snack. It’s so fun. But, he’s very thorough. He also loves to take the dogs to the river trail or to the state park trails. He’s an outdoorsy kind of guy.

Mr. Shy He’s been a bit shy with strangers and other kids. I notice he tends to go quiet at the park or when we’re out and about. However, occasionally, he’ll start passing out high-fives to every person he sees. He doesn’t want to talk to them. He just wants to give them a high-five.

Budding Veterinarian Harry loves animals. I’m sure all kids do, but he’s most at peace when he’s interacting with animals. From feeding the ducks and squirrels at the park to meeting every dog or cat he sees to riding Amy’s horse, he loves animals. He’s especially close to Dougal right now. The two are inseparable. I really hope he keeps this love in his heart forever. It’s so important.

Snuggle Bug One of the things for which I’m most grateful is that Harry is so loving and affectionate. He loves giving kisses to everything and sharing everything he has. He shares all his food and drinks with the dogs and his toys. He tries to give strangers his stuff. He is so generous and kind. I worry about that since he’s an only child, but Ben is so generous. Harry has a good role model there.

Very Sophisticated Harry is obsessed with drinking tea. He wants his own tea in a cup, preferably a Starbucks cup. And he wants to drink it all. He takes his cup in his two hands, smiles and says, “Tea,” then takes a huge drink. He follows it with an “Ahhhh, tea” and another huge smile. It’s too much.

Mama’s Boy Right now, Harry is my shadow. Between him and Otis, I don’t remember what it’s like to poop alone. But, it’s so darn sweet. Harry wants to be with me every second. He’s my kitchen helper, my sous chef, my tea buddy, my hiking partner, my snuggle bug…he just wants to do whatever I’m doing and vice versa. I’ve read this will change when he’s about 5, when he’ll suddenly want to do man things with his dad. That will break my heart, so I’m soaking up this mama time as much as I can. If I could take a two-year sabbatical from work, I would. I want to be with him all the time. Though I might appreciate a solo poop if one is offered.


  • Bananas
  • Basketballs
  • Footballs
  • Mickey Mouse and Goofy
  • Oranges
  • Nakedness
  • Tea (peach or peppermint)
  • All the animals
  • Walking Otis on the leash
  • Books/reading
  • Cheese
  • Kisses
  • Carrots
  • Christmas lights
  • Mowing with the bubble mower
  • Balloons
  • Flags


  • Getting his teeth brushed
  • Getting his hair washed
  • Diaper changes
  • Me or Ben doing stuff for him – he’s a big boy and wants to do it himself now


22 Months

img_4356It’s amazing how much has changed in the last year. Our tiny tater tot is a little boy, and it’s all so wonderful, terryfing, and sad. I don’t know how it’s gone so fast. I miss my tiny baby in the same breath as I’m excited about the little boy he is now. I wish there was a way to exist in all moments at once so nothing feels like a loss.

Things I Want to Remember Always

  • When Harry gets caught doing something he knows he isn’t supposed to do (like pulling Dougal’s hair), he drops his head onto his chest immediately, waits several seconds, then slowly lifts his head until he can just see my face. He has a perfect Cheshire Cat smile on his adorable face! If I’m still scowling, he drops his head back down and tries again a few seconds later. It’s off-the-charts adorable. It takes all my self-control to keep scowling.
  • While Harry is learning more and more words, Ben and I have been calling him Chipmunk because his preferred mode of communication right now is pointing and barking at us like a chipmunk. It’s mostly adorable but sometimes annoying.
  • Harry is the most affectionate little boy. He loves hugs and kisses, but he likes them to be total surprises. Yesterday at the pumpkin patch, we were walking back to the car. I picked him up to carry him across the street. While I was looking for cars, he smooched me right on the lips! It was the absolute best. Made my day, my week, my whole life!

New Words Harry has been mimicking most everything I say, so his new words include woah, wow, uh-oh, nuh-uh, do not, and howling like a wolf. He’s also added elephant, balloon, sandwich, and banana. His all-time favorite is cheese. This kid loves cheese. He says it like a chant around 10 a.m. every day, which is DCT (Designated Cheese Time).

Smart Boy He knows his letters through H and his numbers through 9. He also knows that his favorite black dog is named Zorro. Even when the library book says a pug’s name is Zorro, that’s not how it will be read in our house. The black dog in the book is Zorro. The pug can have another name. Harry knows Zorro is a giant schnauzer in Illinois.


  • Balloons
  • Flags
  • Hiking
  • Cheese
  • Pens
  • Fans
  • Rivers
  • Throwing rocks
  • Puddles
  • Picking tomatoes
  • Feeding green tomatoes to Doogie and Grace
  • Fruit of all kinds
  • Books (he reads so much!)
  • Basketball
  • Basketball hoops
  • Poncho the neighborhood Chihuahua
  • Cat the neighborhood cat
  • Squirrels
  • Making chicken sounds
  • Running everywhere
  • Smelling flowers


  • Not playing basketball all day long (his only tantrums are when I make him come inside for dinner – he loses his mind)
  • Homemade tomato soup
  • Diaper changes
  • Homemade enchiladas
  • Sitting on the potty

21 Months: That’s new…

hikingThe toddler adventures have begun. In the last week, Harry is embarking on new and exciting escapades. He can have all of the emotions at once; everyone else is just along for the ride.

Close Call Last weekend, Harry and I went hiking at a state park near our house. The trails are very nice and there’s a lake. He likes to throw rocks in the lake. We were at a nice spot lakeside when he threw a rock with such gusto he did a full summersault and face-planted in the lake. He sunk like a stone! Luckily, the water was only about a foot deep. I was able to jump in right away and pluck him out. But, he was more upset than I’ve ever seen him. Poor kid was soaked, covered in sandy dirt, and freezing. We had to walk about a mile to get back to the car and change clothes. Thankfully, he was totally fine, but he cried the whole way to the car. Poor baby. I can still picture his little body doing a full air summersault right into the lake! It defied the laws of physics!

Boom Boom We’re planting the seeds of potty training. So far, Harry prefers to use his mini-toilet as a reading chair, but we’re making progress. He’s starting to connect the toilet with boom boom. I honestly don’t know how I feel about potty training. This is all going way too fast.

New Words Harry said “wow” the other morning. That was adorable. Some of his other words are flower, cheese, and wombat – all of the most important things in life.

Mama! Mama! The last few weeks, I have been woken up not by crying, but by shouts of “Mama! Mama!” in Harry’s cute little voice. He hollers loudly and in regular intervals until I come get him from his crib. I holler back to him that I’m coming, but that only disrupts the “Mama! Mama!” chant for a few seconds. This kid has no patience. He’ll take one extra breath before he’s back with the shouts. Best way to wake up ever. Much better than crying!

Little Reader Sometime in the last two weeks, Harry went from liking to flip pages in his books to wanting me to read the books to him. Before, he didn’t care what I said. He held the book and he rushed through the pages quickly. Now, he is handing me the books and he wants me to read them to him. He loves books! He can’t be in the car without a book and he reads during his dinner. We read together before bed. Right now, it’s Charlie the Caterpillar over and over and over.

Copycat Harry has started copying everything we do. It’s adorable. He puts on chapstick and deodorant, he shaves his face and combs his hair. He dances like me and sings like me. He’s a bundle of energy at all times.


  • Cottage cheese
  • All cheese
  • Any kind of fruit (especially oranges and berries)
  • Rocks
  • Kisses
  • Charlie the Caterpillar
  • Dogs and cats
  • Picking tomatoes


  • Naps/sleeping
  • Diaper changes
  • Brushing his teeth

What else is new? Ben and I are both undertaking “lifestyle changes” to be healthier, smaller people. We’re both exercising more and eating better, each of us taking our own path to that shared goal of being healthier parents. It’s such a challenge to change ingrained habits, especially when food is one of the few ways we can celebrate as sleep-deprived adults with busy jobs and a toddler. We’ve been struggling to find ways to relax and kick back that aren’t detrimental to our health. To be honest, “Let’s watch a movie and eat a salad” on a Friday night does not fill me with the same joy as when my husband asks “Do you want to get pizza tonight?” But, perhaps that transition will happen over time. Much of my changes right now are being driven by moral and ethical issues (I can explain more later), so that’s helping my motivation a bit more than just losing weight or being “healthier.” It also helps to have Harry. He’s great motivation for doing everything I can to have the longest life possible. I want to be with this little boy as much as possible for as long as possible. He’s everything.

The Other Babies

10256132_10202806968392453_2342478705946290499_nWe get asked all the time how the dogs are handling the transition from baby to toddler. It’s a complicated question. Each dog is so different. We really had no idea what to expect and, frankly, our predictions were completely wrong.

Dougal Going into parenthood, we though Dougal would have the biggest problem with the transition. Dougal is the baby. He’s a perpetual puppy, who has to be the center of the universe at all times. He’s needy. He’s demanding. He’s difficult. He’s my favorite. I worried he would be resentful of Harry, that he might lash out or throw tantrums. But, he’s been Harry’s biggest fan from the beginning.

Even before we got home from the hospital, Dougal has been smitten with Harry. Ben brought a blanket home from the hospital while Harry and I were still there. Dougal was the only dog who cared to sniff it and he was crazy about it!

Once Harry came home, the love only grew. Now, they are constant companions. Though Harry is getting more challenging, Dougal is ever patient and sweet. They share meals and chase around the yard together. They hug and kiss, and Harry tries to share his toothbrush. They are so sweet together. I’m completely surprised.

Hank This is where we were most wrong. Hank has had major anxiety since Harry joined our family. He gets upset and paces when Harry cries. He doesn’t like Harry to touch him, and he seems stressed out almost all the time. We do everything we can to keep them separated.

We try to carve out as much special time as we can for Hank, but it’s really hard to do. I snuggle Hank every night after Harry goes to bed, but I don’t know that it’s helping ease his anxiety. He just seems really stressed. Walks help, but it’s been hard to get out for regular walks. Hell, it’s been hard to squeeze in a shower most days!

I’ve read a ton of articles about how to handle this, but nothing has been particularly helpful. I’m hoping time and distance help. Hank is really good with older kids.

Otis Otis is the zen master of dogs. Nothing phases him. He’s a dream. Sometimes I look into his eyes and see great wisdom. Sometimes I look and wonder if there’s anyone in there. I really don’t know about him. But, he’s such an easy dog to manage. I can take him anywhere. He’s mostly indifferent to Harry, but that’s a good thing. In our life, anything low maintenance is a lovely change.

Grace Over time, Grace has gotten remarkably tolerant of Harry. He’s a bit obsessed with hugging her right now. His new word is “black” and he loves to point to one of her black spots and shout “Black! Black!” over and over. She mostly ignores it. She’s almost completely blind and deaf now, but she seems to enjoy the hugs and snuggles. She’s getting really affectionate in her old age.

20 months


Harry is the consummate photo-bomber already.

It’s so hard to believe how big Harry is getting. He’s such a little person now! He has his own personality and is such a ball of sugary sweetness. He’s an affectionate, gentle, wonderful little boy. I don’t know how Ben and I got so lucky. He’s the sweetest.

At his 18-month checkup, he made some major progress on the growth chart. He’s completely average size from the neck down. He still has an extraordinarily large head, but growth there has slowed. He’s starting to balance out! Yay!

What’s new? Hair! Finally! The world’s largest baby head finally has a fine coating of the softest, shiniest, blondest hair you could imagine. It shines in the sun like gold. I can’t stop petting his sweet head.

Land speed record This little guy is getting really, really fast. I see now why parents put toddlers on leashes. It’s hard to manage sometimes.

So much to say Harry doesn’t talk a ton, but he’s learning new words at an incredibly fast pace right now. He’s a bit shy, so he doesn’t like to say his newest words publicly until he has them down. But, I get to hear them really early on. Right now, he’s saying zebra, shoes, shirt, shovel, bucket, puppy, Zorro, orange, and many more I’m surely forgetting. He has decided that all berries should have the same word, so he uses a raspberry-like noise to depict his need for all the berries. It’s pretty adorable.

Terrible twos Along with all the wonders of our little tater tot growing into a full grown potato, there are some challenges. He enjoys hitting things a bit too much lately; we’re trying to curb such violent tendencies as much as possible. He also had his first tantrum a few weeks ago. My darling, delicious, good natured lovebug was so angry at me for taking something away that he lost his mind for a solid 20 minutes. He was hitting the wall, stomping his feet, hitting his head – it was wild stuff! I didn’t know something so small could have that much rage. It built slowly as he realized I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted. Then kaboom. I stood back in shock. It was such a huge reaction to a very minor occurrence; I take stuff away from him all the time! But, he lost it. Thankfully, he hasn’t had a major meltdown since. He has minor meltdowns fairly regularly, but they don’t last long. He’s remarkably easy going.

Sleep We had a rough few months when Harry stopped sleeping through the night. It went on for weeks and weeks, and then it just stopped. With the exception of last night, he had a solid two weeks of sleeping through the night. I hope last night was an anomaly, but I never get too comfortable with this kid. I’m always waiting for the good nights to end. He’s just never been a sleeper.

First illnesses Within the space of two weeks, Harry had his first cold and his first stomach virus. He handled both remarkably well. He just wanted to be held. I hate to see him miserable, but the extra snuggles are so, so nice. He’s a very affectionate little guy anyway, but he takes it up a notch when he’s sick. Of course, I could do without the barfing and diarrhea, but it’s a real gift to be able to be part of his life through everything.

Picky eater Along with the terrible twos, our little guy is starting to get very opinionated about food. It’s incredibly frustrating, but I’m trying to just roll with it. He won’t starve. The other morning, he kept saying “cheese, cheese, cheese” over and over when he woke up. This man knows what he likes.

What’s else is new? Not too much to report. Just plugging along. I don’t know how it got to be the end of August already. Where did the summer go? It’s bumming me out.


  • Mickey Mouse (and all mice)
  • Books
  • Cottage cheese
  • Oranges
  • Cheese
  • Pine cones
  • Rocks
  • All the dogs
  • Dancing in the bathtub
  • Taking off his diaper
  • Peeing on the floor
  • Baths
  • Chapstick
  • Cats


  • Sleep
  • Diaper changes
  • Getting his teeth brushed

15 months already?


Is that? Oh no. Twice in one week, Harry brought us dog poop. The first time, Ben was at the park and Harry was bringing him pine cones until one of the pine cones wasn’t a pine cone. The second time, we were in our yard and Harry brought me a Hank poop. We pick up poop as it happens, but apparently this one slipped by my radar. So gross. Thankfully, Harry really likes washing his hands.

Shark baby Our little shark baby has almost all of his teeth. Two more broke in on the bottom, bringing the whole mouth total to 12. I think he’s supposed to get 20 total, but I have no idea how that many teeth will fit into his tiny mouth. He’s running out of space!

Glass case of emotion Harry is in an odd phase right now. He’s very, very emotional, and the tiniest things put him over the edge. He’s exceptionally needy. He holds onto my pants or skirts, and looks up at me just wailing to be held. Since this only happens when my hands are full of knives or hot pans or raw chicken juice, it breaks my heart to ask him to please give me two seconds to get my hands free. He’s such a little sweetheart and so affectionate, but it can be overwhelming. Toddlers are incredibly needy little creatures. At the same time, he wants to do everything himself, so it’s a constant guessing game with someone who changes his mind by the second. I love him like crazy and it’s hard to see him get frustrated with the limitations of his body and mind.

Moo, meow, maa Harry and I sing a song to learn the animal noises and, frankly, I think I’m getting some of them wrong. I made up this song myself, but I’ve been looking at kids’ books and I might be leading Harry astray on the animal noises.

Chicken says bok bok
Cat says meow meow
Puppy says woof woof
Owl says hoo hoo
Goat says maa maa
Sheep says baa baa
Frog says ribb-itt
Duck says quack quack
Donkey says hee haw
Pig says oink oink
Cow says moo moo
Doogie says woo woo
Bear says rawr rawr
Bird says cheep cheep

There are tons of noises I’d love to add to the lineup, but I can’t make a horse or elephant sound, and I have no idea what sounds hippos and raccoons make. When he points to his elephant, I say “elephant says hi there” and he goes with it. Someday he’s going to realize “hi there” is the wrong answer.

The hair Harry still appears hairless from a distance (see photo evidence above), but he’s finally growing hair. It’s the shiniest, blondest hair. It’s gorgeous and soft, and he loves to pet his head.

Harry’s Likes:

  • Bubbles
  • Yogurt
  • Yam pancakes
  • Wearing my underwear like a poncho
  • Being outside ALL THE TIME
  • Oranges
  • Rocks
  • Sticks
  • Otis and Dougal (especially Dougal)
  • Being upside down
  • The park
  • Getting into everything
  • Squeezing into tight places

Harry’s Dislikes:

  • Getting his teeth brushed
  • Getting stuck in too-tight places
  • Sleep

One year and beyond


Harry’s first birthday came and went, and along with it a million milestones that seemed to happen all at once. It’s gone much too fast.

He’s walking now. Full-on walking. Not like a zombie anymore, but very much like a miniature adult.

He’s also starting to talk. He can say a handful of words: mama, dada, duck, ball, bubble, bucket (he’s partial to B-words), and a few animal noises. But, he knows a ton of words he can’t say yet. He knows all the animals in his match game, all of our dogs by name, and some body parts.

I’m sure he’s a genius.

He’s also adorable. He gets a ton of attention everywhere he goes. People stop their cars to tell us how cute he is. Yes, he stops traffic. It’s very flattering. We think he’s the most perfect creature that ever blessed the earth, but it’s nice to know other people dig him, too.

What’s most interesting is that he’s really starting to show his personality. He’s a calm little guy. He likes to do quiet things. He finds his own entertainment. He’ll spend an hour taking each of the pots and pans from the kitchen to the back porch one by one, and bringing them back again. He likes to put stuff in his big orange bucket. He likes to take the DVDs out of the cabinet, stack them up, and put them back (sort of). When we’re out in public, he’s quietly observing everything. He doesn’t fuss much. He’s just a cool, collected guy. He has good energy and doesn’t seem like a typical toddler.

He’s also getting very affectionate. When we’re out pulling weeds together (he puts the pulled weeds into the bucket for me), he stops every few minutes and gives me a hug or kiss. He loves to be held and kissed. I melt when he rests his head on my shoulder. It’s the best feeling in the world.

He’s almost perfect. In fact, I only say “almost” because it sounds rude to say anything is perfect. I’m sure he has flaws. I just don’t know what they are.


  • Oranges
  • Balls
  • The dogs
  • Anything orange
  • Baths
  • The garage
  • Being outside
  • The metal duck at the park
  • The neighbor’s cat, who we’ve named Cat
  • Applesauce
  • Spaghetti
  • Walking
  • Dirt
  • Remote controls
  • Shaking his head no


  • Naps
  • Getting into his carseat too soon after getting out
  • Getting his teeth brushed

What’s Next: Hopefully, a new commitment to blogging! But, we’ll see. What do I write about now? Do I keep writing about Harry? Do I write about other things? What did I write about before? It’s an odd time. I find myself changing almost as much as Harry does. I hope that’s a good thing. More later.

Baby Harry: 48 Weeks


I’m so far behind on this blog. The days are going by so quickly and I’m struggling to keep up. Work is crazy and somehow it’s mid-December. How the heck did I get here?

Harry is doing so well. He’s becoming his own person and that’s very, very exciting. He’s forming opinions about the world and showing us more of his personality every day.

Here’s what I know so far.

He’s a bit shy. Though he likes to make all kind of noises and talk at home, he’s pretty quiet when we’re out and about. He may wave and say hi to a stranger, but it’s very rare. He gets shy when people talk to him (and they talk to him all the time!).

He’s always busy. Our little man is a wiggler! He’s always crawling, standing, walking, chasing the dogs, playing, singing, waving…there’s little rest to be had. He has so much energy!

He’s a funny guy. Harry is a smiler. He loves to laugh and be funny. And, he’s started playing pranks on us. He’ll pretend he’s going to share his food, then smile and put the food into his mouth. His new thing is to pee on the changing table on purpose. I can see him pushing! Then, when a bit of pee sprays up, he laughs and kicks his legs. I try so hard not to laugh, but it’s so, so funny.

He’s great at growing teeth. Harry is not even a year old and he has seven teeth. I’ve never heard of a baby having so many teeth so soon! Only two are on the bottom, though, which has me a bit worried. I hope those start coming in.

He’s growing a ton. Just when most babies start to slow down in their growth, Harry seems to be growing faster than ever. He grows out of everything! I just bought him new pajamas a month ago and they’re already snug. I can’t believe how much bigger he seems every week.

He’s getting heavy. I have no time to exercise, but my arms are getting super strong from lugging around our big lug. I may never have to do upper body weights again. Lifting and carrying Harry is a great workout.

He’s been sleeping better. We had one week when he was up two to three times a night. It’s when his first molar was coming through. Ever since, he’s been sleeping from about 8:30-9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Not bad. I wish we could get a little bit more sleep, but I’m not greedy at this point. I’ll take what I can get.

He’s almost walking. He can walk really well if we hold both his hands. He can walk pretty well if we hold one hand, but we’re still convincing him of that. He doesn’t quite have the confidence yet to boldly go forth on his own. He’s a cautious little man right now.

He’s an expert crawler. While he still reverts to the army crawl when he wants to get somewhere fast, he crawls on all fours more and more every day. He also practices getting up and sitting down almost all day. He’ll do tons of reps, then take off crawling for the next piece of furniture, where he does the stand up-sit down routine all over again. I told you he had energy!

He’s a great eater. Harry loves food of all kinds. Even if he doesn’t like something at first taste (beets, yogurt, strawberries, quinoa, etc.), he starts to like them over time. He’s eating a ton of food right now. Cooking for him is my favorite weekend activity. I made a chicken noodle casserole last week that he absolutely loves.

He loves my grandma. Over Thanksgiving, he went gaga for my grandma. He spent so much time staring at her and stroking her hand. It was the sweetest thing. I’ve never seen him do that with anyone else. He was transfixed by her. Melted my heart.

He’s the best thing that ever happened. I cannot describe how much I love this little boy. It’s beyond what I ever imagined. My heart is so full of love and joy (and fear and anxiety) around this perfect little person. He is everything to me. I’m so just completely in love with him.


  • Anything paper
  • Plastic bags
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Hide and seek
  • Taking things off shelves
  • Taking things out of boxes
  • Unfolding towels
  • Talking
  • Singing
  • Making raspberries
  • Standing and sitting
  • Giving kisses
  • Early morning and bedtime snuggles
  • Being outside
  • Dirt and plants
  • Rain
  • Otis and Dougal
  • “Combing” my hair
  • The Christmas tree
  • Eyeglasses
  • Reading
  • Peeing on the changing table
  • Making us laugh


  • Yogurt (for now)
  • Getting into his carseat
  • Having things taken away
  • Almost nothing – he loves so much!

What’s next? His first birthday is coming up really fast. I’m sad, happy, and emotional, all things at once, and I totally understand why people have more kids. You really want to feel this way all the time. There’s such a fullness of heart that cannot be described. The reverse of that, however, is that it’s almost the New Year and I still look six months pregnant. I definitely need to get on that. Ugh. If only baby kisses burned more calories!

Baby Harry: 41 Weeks

Harry didn't care for the pumpkins much, but he loved the mud and hay bales.

Harry didn’t care for the pumpkins much, but he loved the mud and hay bales.

Weight: Harry feels very solid right now. He looks a lot leaner and taller, and he can really move his weight around these days. He’s a strong, active boy who loves to wrestle anything and anyone. He battled my sweatshirt last week with such gusto! He gets an intense look, grunts and breathes hard, and rolls and tackles and takes that sweatshirt (or me!) down.

Nicknames: Big Sausage, Hair Bear, My Sweet Babboo

Stand Up Guy: Standing is the new thing. Harry has decided crawling is for suckas. He’s moved straight to standing up and trying to walk. Army crawling does the job when he needs to make tracks quickly, but the bulk of his effort right now is spent standing and walking. No sitting. No laying down. There can only be standing.

Sharky Malarky: Harry has 5 ½ teeth right now. There are three and a half teeth on the top, two on the bottom, and they are sharp! He bites everything, including me.

No (Insert Verb Here): Right now, we’re working on the major nos. No biting. No hitting. No gauging out my eyeball. No pulling hair. No screaming directly in my ear. (Did I mention this baby is a real handful? Wow, he’s got energy!)

Dancing Machine: We’re also working on the yeses. Yes to dance parties. Yes to singing. Yes to talking really loudly. Yes to whispering. Yes to slobbery baby kisses. Yes to hugs. Yes to wrestling. Yes to playing tag. Yes to singing all the songs. Yes to long walks. Yes to playing in the grass and leaves. Yes to rolling around with Otis and Dougal.

Poo of the Week: This is a good one, folks. Harry was on a two-prune breakfast regimen for a few days to bust through a bout of constipation (damn that rice cereal!). And bust through he did. His diaper felt a bit heavy a few days ago. I couldn’t feel a log in there, but it felt heavy. So, I pulled open the leg to check and put my finger right into soft poo. I picked him up and took him to the changing table, where I uncapped a packed diaper. There was no part of the diaper that wasn’t full of poop. It was at capacity. Biggest poop he’s ever had. In order to swab up the big chunks with the diaper (to keep the changing table clear of poo), I lifted up Harry’s feet with one hand and slid the diaper out from under him with the other. Almost immediately, Sir Kicks A Lot started thrashing, got one foot free, and plopped it right into the loaded diaper. His sock was covered in soft poop. I grabbed his foot, pulled the diaper out, then tried to get the sock off. It came off with a snap of elastic, sending poop splatter all over the wall. Poop everywhere. On the wall, on the changing table, on the baby. It was an astonishing amount of poop. It was excellent.

Sleepy Baby: I’m afraid to even mention this, but Harry has been sleeping really well. We’ve had a week of solid sleep and I’m terrified this is a passing phase. I forgot how wonderful sleep could be. Ben and I are even talking about getting back to a  workout schedule. But, I’m afraid to jinx it.

Funny Girl: Ben and Harry were shopping the other day when Harry caught the attention of curious toddler. She asked Ben, “What’s his name?” Ben said “Harry” and she said, “But he doesn’t have any hair!” So cute!


  • Cheerios
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Bowls
  • Paper cups
  • Keys
  • Magazines
  • Eyeglasses
  • Water
  • Mud
  • Hay


  • Beets
  • Pumpkins