What price dignity? Oh, about $1.50.

On a short list of things that are truly cheap and incredibly delicious, Costco’s Polish dog is right up there at the top. At just $1.50, including the drink, it is impossible to resist, even if an hour later I’m doubled over, cursing and grumbling, wishing I’d just had a salad.

Frankly, I know it’s the cost that gets me every time. For $1.64 (with tax), I’ll gladly spend most of my afternoon and evening in the bathroom. Is my health and comfort worth so little? Or, am I simply a victim of selective amnesia?

Each time I suffer the ill effects of a giant Polish dog slathered in mustard and relish, I vow it will be the last. But, invariably, it isn’t. The next time I’m at Costco buying dog treats or 30,000 calcium pills, I’ll see that juicy hotdog poster and the rock-bottom price staring back at me, and I won’t remember the gastrointestinal stress or the awful burping for hours and days afterwards. I’ll simply toss my money on the counter and swear this time will be different, imagining that my stomach is somehow fortifying itself with each Polish dog attack, creating a super-stomach that will someday withstand any number of toxins and tortures.

Of course, an hour later, you know where you’ll find me.

Perhaps if I valued myself a bit more and frugality a bit less, I would be able to pass up the $1.50 hotdog. But, come on, it’s $1.50, who am I kidding? I’ll take two!


The first blog post (and a weird pie analogy)

If you’ve ever made a pie crust from scratch, you’ll know that there is fair amount of crust dough that gets cut off and made into oddly-shaped bits of non-pie dessert.. To me these are the best bits and the ones I can devour quickly without destroying the whole pie before the party.

My point is this: Think of this new blog as the bits of delicious crust that don’t make it into The PEN.

Regular readers of The PEN are used to seeing my mugging mug in the upper right corner, right above my Commander of The PEN column, every two weeks (monthly in the summer). Well, this blog is simply an extension of that small space in The PEN.

Here, you should expect to find the same mix of relevant and irreverent information from my little corner of Pierce College. You’ll find some college news, updates, random insight into what’s monopolizing my brain at any given moment, and, hopefully, a conversation about the issues that face Pierce employees.

I guarantee it won’t be completely serious and it’s meant to be fun, interesting, and reflective of “behind the scenes” life at Pierce. My goal is to make this as interactive as possible, so please make comments, send me emails, and let me know what you’d like to talk about here.

In the meantime, let’s get started…