Ambling along at a leisurely pace, dreaming about emo cows

The chubby, short one is officially on my list.

Two schnauzers, one stump.

Dougal is tired of pre-dawn walks and is choosing instead to have morning sniff-and-stand-around sessions that thwart any efforts at burning calories. Only a random neighborhood cat or the odd raccoon get him moving at any respectable pace. Of course, as soon as we get back into the house after 40 minutes of cheering him on and trying to convince him that walking is fun, he goes into hyperdrive, running like a maniac in loops around the house, biting Barley on the ass as he passes him. It’s insane and annoying in an endearing way (after all, he’s not biting my ass). That dog is a hot mess. Thank goodness he’s adorable.

Here’s what else is happening around here:

• The newspaper business must be worse than anyone is saying. The Tacoma News-Tribune and the Seattle Times called me nine times in two days. Nine times. Nine. Times. (This is a Ferris Bueller moment, by the way.) They bunged up my voicemail inbox, prohibiting any legitimate callers (stop laughing…I get calls…on my birthday and Christmas) from leaving me messages. I may have already won a Mexican cruise and now I’ll never know about it.

• Ever since I watched an online video about a couple who abandoned their jobs and fancy house in the Silicon Valley for an 80-acre farm in the Willamette Valley, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of having my own farm.

Highland cows sorta look like Robert Redford.

Right now, I’m all about highland cows. (I’ve already been through my guinea rooster and sheep phases. My someday future farm will surely include both.) I want a highland cow so badly. In fact, I think my entry for the college’s mini-pumpkin decorating contest will be a highland cow. Stay tuned. I’ll post pictures.

• It’s pumpkin patch time! This weekend (weather permitting) will be the annual trek to the local pumpkin patch and corn maze. I’m very excited about it. I traditionally go for tall and skinny when picking a pumpkin; I like having plenty of face space for carving. But, I don’t like to think too far ahead. When choosing a pumpkin, it’s good to pick with your gut. (As a sidenote, I’m getting a new camera this week, so I’m excited to finally have non-blurry pictures to share. I dropped Old Faithful Camera several times in Montana and it hasn’t been the same since. Last weekend, the shutter stopped opening. Very sad. I’m planning a service. You’re all invited.)

What’s new with you guys?


2 thoughts on “Ambling along at a leisurely pace, dreaming about emo cows

  1. Um, plent-tee, but I got to tell you, I need to start going on walks, too. Issaquah is bear country, so that kind of puts the brakes on the idea for me. Maybe if iI just drive really slow so it feels like I’m walking….

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