Disease is always interesting, especially on the radio

Today is the last day of my free satellite radio preview. Again, I’m sad to see it go, most especially because of Doctor Radio, a 24-hour, mostly call-in station hosted by doctors at NYU. There are shows on plastic surgery, gynecology, men’s health, children, and, my favorite, gastroenterology. In the space of one week, I learned about hernias, prostate cancer treatment and butthole damage, liposuction, breast reduction surgery and milk production, osteoporosis from heartburn medication…so much crazy goodness. I’ve been in heaven. I love knowing about diseases, even ones I have no chance of getting.

The best bit came this morning, when a man called in about a wasp sting on his wrist. This may be obvious, but if a radio doctor tells you “don’t eff- around, get to an emergency room,” you should just go to the damn emergency room. Suggesting instead that you email him a photo of your problem will only result in the doctor shouting, “This is not an email situation!” It makes for great radio, but you really have to wonder about a guy who hears the words “amputation and possible death” and suggests an email.  I also now know that if you get a bite or sting and there are red streaks in your skin around the puncture, go to an emergency room right away. You have a lymph node situation.

Perhaps I should cancel my cable TV (after Mad Men is over, of course) in favor of Doctor Radio in my house and car. I could literally hear about people’s illnesses all day and never get bored. The human body is so interesting. And, it cracks me up when people talk about their strange physical problems in so public a way. I know it’s anonymous, but I can’t even imagine telling an audience of thousands that I’m a “high methane producer” (yes, a woman actually said that). It’s fantastic.

I’m sure Jo is cringing right now reading this. She hates when people talk about their illnesses. However, I consider this a disease-friendly space, so feel free to share. And, if you want me to research a particular disease or condition, let me know. I love that stuff! It gives me a chance to learn about something new and potentially disgusting. In my next life, I hope I come back as a radio doctor.


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