Day Nine: Five People to Punch in the Jejunum

1. The kids in my neighborhood who torment the geese (two families with babies) in the retention pond. They yell and bang on the fence, and I even saw one of them had tossed a shoe into the water. Damn kids. I wish one of the adult geese would take stern action.

2. Signature gatherers. Some of these folks are pretty aggressive and they’re everywhere. There was even a kid going door to door in my neighborhood last week.

3. Teenage boys who bathe in cheap body spray. It’s epidemic among kids nowadays. Stinks!

4. People who chew gum with their mouth open (includes gum snappers).

5. Anyone who talks on the phone in a public bathroom stall. This happens a lot at work. It’s so obnoxious. I’m a big fan of talking from the toilet. I do it at home all the time. But, any business conducted in public should be kept silent (grunting included).


One thought on “Day Nine: Five People to Punch in the Jejunum

  1. Can you imagine how dirty the cell phone is if a person is using it in a stall in a public bathroom? How gross is that!? I am surprised that the geese don’t get mad at those kids. I have seen some really angry geese – they can get pretty aggressive. These are east coast geese, perhaps your west coast geese are more laid back? Woowoowoo

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