Five things I need to do

Half dog, half barnacle, Dougal rules the river.

1. Buy a new fan. It’s supposed to be in the 90s here for the next few days, which, if you’re familiar with this area, is very, very hot. I have two fans, a cheapie box fan that barely moves anything and a pricey remote control fan that churns out some seriously cool air. Guess which one Doogie chewed up. Yep, the fancy pants fan had its cord chewed completely in half. Captain Underpants strikes again! Needless to say, I need to buy a new fan. My crappy box fan just won’t cut it.

2. Get my hair done. My hair is getting thinner and thinner, and I’m being a baby about getting it cut. This is how Michael Bolton happened. I know cutting it might make it look fuller, but I really just want a magic potion for growing thick, beautiful hair. I saw a girl the other day with a huge, thick braid and I really wanted to trip her. It’s no fair.

3. Write more. Sure, I’ve been blogging regularly, but I need to be a writer, whatever that means. I’m not making good use of the skills I have. It’s bumming me out a bit to be stagnating mentally. I need to do something worthwhile with my time.

4. Eat veggies. My fridge is stocked with veggies I’m not eating. I hate when that happens! My rational brain says veggies are healthy. My emotional brain says veggies are depressing. There’s simply no joy in squash. How does one find joy in squash? Or, perhaps the better question is, how does one separate food from joy? Shouldn’t other things be more joyful than food? I can’t think of any that are. That’s probably bad.

5. Stretch. I did yoga Tuesday and Thursday for the first time in a few months. It kicked my stiff, ol’ butt. I need to get back into doing it regularly. I use videos, so I have no excuse not to do it. I’d really like to take an actual class, but I’m too scared just yet. I need to work up my confidence. Maybe that’s the sixth thing I need to do.


5 thoughts on “Five things I need to do

  1. Are you sure you aren’t my mom’s secret long lost baby sister? I swear you and her are so much alike it’s freaking me out!

  2. I have to laugh here..i do the same with veggies. I buy them and put them away and never eat them. I’ve been really bad with buying lettuce lately to make salads, then not making them… and the bag rots in the fridge. I feel so guilty …. I use to wonder if I was the only one who did this. You always make me feel better…

    • I totally stopped buying bagged salads and lettuce. I couldn’t face it. It always ended up in the trash. So many good intentions have turned into liquid lettuce in my fridge.

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