A real soup-er stinker right out of the gate

Every fall and winter, I go ape for soups. I’m always trying new recipes with varying degrees of success. Sunday, I had my first fail of the season. It was a super-healthy, immunity-boosting mega soup of mushrooms, garlic, butternut squash, onions, white beans, and kale. Individually, those are all delicious ingredients. Simmer them together in a chicken broth hot tub, however, and they become what can only be described as swamp water soup.

The broth became an eerie green-brown mix dotted with floating mealy orange chunks and gray-brown, rubbery mushrooms. Not at all delicious.

But, what it lacked in good flavor, it made up in quantity. I had six containers of the stuff when I was done. I was able to pawn off two on the boyfriend, who, when I asked how he liked it, was very diplomatic. He suggested I leave out the kale and noted that the mix of textures was “strange.” I think it looks like septic runoff, but I’m much less diplomatic.

So, this is my appeal for recipes. Do you have a super soup recipe to share? (Bonus points if it’s also healthy.) I’m desperate for ideas. I can’t forcefeed myself another bowl of healthy swamp.


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