If dogs lived forever…

Over the weekend, a friend’s 17-year-old dog, Dusty, passed away. For some reason (perhaps the little gray-haired old man on my lap), this loss hit me pretty hard.

Seventeen is an amazing accomplishment. Dusty lived a long, full life, longer and fuller than most. He was loved and cared for. He had a scoop of pumpkin on his food every day (good for the old bowels) and his mom sang him funny songs. I do the same for my old guy, only substitute yogurt and fish oil for the pumpkin.

Still, no matter how much we love them, care for them, threaten them with treat restriction if they even think of dying, they will die and that’s a really crappy thing. If only Barley could live with me my whole life. If he could be attached to me, so that when I die, he could come along so that neither of us ever had to be without the other. If only, if only.

I type this tonight as my old man snores on my lap, cutting off the circulation to my legs and forcing me to contort over the keyboard, careful not to disturb the rhythm of his snores. There’s no better place in the world at this moment. My sweet boogieman, the love of my life, let there be more moments just like this.


4 thoughts on “If dogs lived forever…

  1. Brian’s dog Cassie lived to be 17 years old. (But we thought she was dying about three times before her time really came – she kept bouncing back until she finally couldn’t. That old girl was a trooper! I hope i can have that same resilience as an old lady!)

    And she had the same good life that Dusty did, except that she didn’t get any pumpkin in her bowl!…. and we both worked so she had to hang around in Brian’s truck while he was at work, waiting for him to come out on a break and take her for a walk around Waughop Lake at Ft. Steilacoom Park. She loved being in his truck cause she knew that Brian was nearby when she was there.

    When she died i thought Brian would want to get another dog fairly soon. But the thing about dogs, which is unlike having kids in a huge way, ….you know you will outlive your dog. And aside from all of the dog maintenance and vet bills, and walking them when you are so tired at night….THAT is the the main reason i think we haven’t gotten another dog.

    i hope your Barley and Dougal are with you for much longer from here.

    • Thanks, Jo! I’ve heard stories about Cassie. She sounds like such an amazing dog. Seventeen is so impressive! That’s proof of love. A dog doesn’t live that long without dedicated humans. It’s great she came to work with him. I love that!

  2. I love this post Amanda…
    Bosco has been my constant companion since my knee surgery. I’ve cried on his head many times and let the warmth of his body comfort me when I can’t sleep. Ginger follows me from room to room, letting me know she is keeping watch over me….their love makes me remember I need to get better so we can all go on our group walks again.

    • Bosco is such a sweetheart. I’m glad he’s helping you through your recovery. I only wish it could go faster! But, walks will be coming again soon. Then, you’ll be tiring them out!

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