Otis the Angel

Otis at the vet

Otis at the vet

Otis recently celebrated his first month in our home and we’re absolutely in love with him. He’s the sweetest angel. He’s calm, affectionate, gentle, and completely adorable. I can’t imagine why anyone would give him up! The little guy is perfect.

So, far we’ve been tackling his weight problem pretty hard. He’s on a portion-controlled diet of low-fat, low-cal kibble. And, as part of my New Year’s challenge, he’s getting a ton of exercise. We go on a short walk/jog most weekdays and a longer walk or hike on the weekends. He’s a champion walker. He hardly pulls, keeps up a strong pace for such stumpy little legs, and isn’t much into sniffing or peeing on everything.

Otis and Dougal on a hike last weekend. Happy pups!

Otis and Dougal on a hike last weekend. Happy pups!

I’ve never met a dog who likes walking so much! He seems motivated to lose weight and complete his daily exercise with gusto. I suspect he’s training for a wrestling death-match with Hank, but you’d have to ask him about that.

So far, our little champ has lost 1.7 pounds. He has a few more to go, but I’m confident he’s going to get there quickly.

Last week, he had a full blood workup at the vet. He has a low thyroid level, so the vet has him on a new medicine to help with that. As soon as his thyroid level comes up, we’ll start tapering him off one of his seizure medicines (he has epilepsy). We’re hoping to get him off that medicine completely.

The only negative I can say about him is that he’s a trash hound. We’ve had to start keeping our trash bin on top of our kitchen counter to keep Otis from knocking it over and having a little party. I accidentally left the can on the floor earlier this week and he got into some ground flax seeds and a bell pepper. His mustache was so crusty from the flax seeds! It was pretty gross. But, that’s the only thing he does that’s even remotely annoying. He’s a sweetheart!

Otis having a nap at my office

Otis having a nap at my office

We’re just so happy to have him home with us. I truly believe shelter dogs appreciate love at a level that cannot be matched by dogs from breeders. He’s so appreciative of our family and bounces around with a joy that is truly contagious. He’s an angel. A stumpy-legged, chubby, lovebug angel. We can’t get enough of him.


2 thoughts on “Otis the Angel

  1. Ahh. This is a nice post Amanda. I’m so happy for Ottis. He’s certainly a lucky dog that you and Ben came along and found him. Actually, you all found each other. I believe too that rescue animals somehow know that they’ve been rescued.

  2. So happy to check in and find a new blog post and a new look! Otis is adorable and i love his name. Why was he given up for adoption?

    P.S. Hi Linda…!.my husband is doing lots of cooking lately – you’ve inspired him with the healthy eating. He’s at band practice tonight so i treated myself to Pad Thai but i did order it with tofu! hahaha…Do you do this too Amanda?

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