Day Seven: A Song for Karaoke (Solo)

Before I begin, let me assert the fact that I’m not a karaoke person. I sing constantly in my home and car, but I would never get on stage and sing karaoke in front of friends or strangers. I’d rather get an internet colonoscopy.

That said, I love to sing to those who love me and can’t escape. My whole life is essentially karaoke.

“Santeria” is not an obvious karaoke choice, but consider this:

• Voice quality is not important. It’s all about style and attitude.

• It’s not serious or depressing.

• Vocal range is minimal.

• Any song with “punk-ass” in the lyrics is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

It’s a perfect fit for karaoke. Of course, this is just my solo pick. I’ll post my favorite group karaoke song tomorrow. As soon as I think of it.

In the meantime, consider this.

Top Five Karaoke Mistakes

• Going serious. The sad alcoholics who emotionally belt out “Cat’s in the Cradle” make everyone uncomfortable.

• Being too talented. Treating the back room of a Chinese restaurant at 1 a.m. like a legitimate audition makes everyone uncomfortable.

• Going skanky. The messy alcoholics who rub themselves as they belt out “I Touch Myself” make everyone uncomfortable.

• Not knowing the words. It’s painful to see someone get up there, full of confidence, only to realize they have no idea how the song goes. Then, they spend the rest of the song mumbling and reading the screen. It makes everyone uncomfortable.

• Hogging the mic. There are needy people who insist on singing a song every 10 minutes. They also make everyone uncomfortable.

What’s your favorite solo karaoke song?

Look ahead…Day Eight: A Song for Karaoke (Group)



2 thoughts on “Day Seven: A Song for Karaoke (Solo)

  1. Ted and I went with a group of people to karaoke once. Ted got up to sing (yes, were drunk). I can’t remember what he sang, but he was awesome. People held up their lighters and applauded loudly when he was done (yes, everyone else was drunk too). It reminded me of why I love him – he’s always surprising me and doing something unexpected and some of his little talents sneak through. We haven’t done karaoke since. Why ruin a beautiful moment. When you peak, you peak.

  2. OMG…. You totally nailed it!!! My brothers are so funny when they karaoke. They cannot sing but they can perform, which is how karaoke should be done. They always pick an obnoxious song too…i.e. “Feelings” or “Afternoon Delight”. My favorite song to sing , if I have to, is “Boots are made for walking”.

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