Week 18

(Note: I know I promised pictures but the week rolled on and I didn’t get a picture, so now I’m a week late. No picture this week, but Ben took my 19-week picture yesterday. I try to do write these posts Monday or Tuesday, so I’ll post 19 weeks very soon!)

I’m limping into this week with a terrible chest cold. I feel absolutely awful. I haven’t been sleeping because of the violent coughing and sometimes I really want to punch my sleeping husband for getting me sick. He brought this beast home!

Coughing while pregnant requires a full-body clench. By the end of the day, everything is tired and sometimes I pee my pants a little. It’s very embarrassing. But, these are the breaks.

The Tater Tot: Baby is about 5.5 inches long and weighs around 7 ounces, which is about the size of a bell pepper or a chicken breast. He’s practically a fajita!

Fun Fact: Babies start yawning right about now, which would be adorable if they didn’t still look like ET. (ET freaks me out!)

The Name: My favorite suggestions of the week include Ziggy Stardust Haines, Eric Burdon Haines, Manchego Haines, and Sky Pilot Haines. Ben has vetoed all of these options.

Movement: I’m on constant alert for movement, but everything feels like something when you’re this constipated. I thought I felt a weird rubbing, but I don’t know. It’s all very mysterious in that area. Stay tuned!

The Belly: I am not a belly-rubber by nature, so it’s been strange to brush my arm against it and feel something that doesn’t feel like mine. For one thing, it’s very hard. My belly has always been squishy, even when I’ve been thin. So, this hard belly is alarming at times. It feels like a tumor. Second, it seems much bigger this week than last, and that’s disconcerting. How quickly is this thing supposed to grow? And, how big will it get?

Cravings: String cheese and watermelon. I’m going through both at an alarming pace. Hunger sneaks up on me very quickly. I go from stuffed to starved in roughly 20 minutes, so keeping string cheese in my purse has saved me from possible death numerous times.

Workouts: The chest cold from hell and a horrible shoulder problem have forced me to miss a few workouts this week. I’m definitely feeling slow and winded. The trek up the hill has been especially difficult, but I feel less guilty since it was raining anyway.

Sleep: No sleep right now and I’m getting very cranky about it! I would give anything for a night without coughing.

Awkward: All the blogs and such warn me to expect awkward comments and gropes as my condition becomes more obvious. This week, I had my first. One of my staffers, who is a lovely older man, asked me, “Is it your shirt or are your boobs coming in?” I was absolutely mortified and had no answer. If these are the kinds of comments that will be coming my way over the next five months, I need to prepare some witty retorts.

What’s Next: Hopefully kicking and the end of the devil cold.


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