Baby Harry: 19 Weeks

Grumpy Grace and the Cone of Shame

Grumpy Grace and the Cone of Shame

This has been such a difficult week, there is no more fitting photo than of Grumpy Grace and Her Cone of Shame. Grace has allergies and this year has been exceptionally bad. She’s chewed all the hair off her backside, leaving a red, raw mess. Nothing has helped. So, now she’s in a cone. Hopefully, this will allow her red skin to heal. As you can see, she’s not happy about any of this. But, we’ve all had a rough week.

Weight: We have two options. Either Harry has exceptionally heavy diapers (very possible) or our home scale is wrong. (I choose to believe it’s the scale and, in my case, it weighs about 50 pounds heavy. I’m really a size 6. Just ask me.) At home, Harry weighed 14.4 pounds with a diaper. At the doctor last week, he weighed 13 pounds 14 ounces without the diaper. I was really hoping we’d be up around 15 pounds, but our little guy is still very, very little.

Shorty: He’s height and weight proportional, but Harry is really small compared to other babies. He’s in the 12th percentile for height and 13th for weight. That means 88 and 87 percent of babies, respectively, are bigger than him. Who are these enormous babies!! As fast as he’s growing, I find it really hard to believe he’s so much smaller than average.

Power Noggin: While his body may be small, his head is gigantic. At a robust 17.25 inches, Harry’s head is in the 94th percentile for size. He’s full of SMARTS!

Milk Crisis: Right Boob is on strike again. Demand has increased dramatically this week (more on that in a second) and Right Boob has responded by collapsing in a heap and refusing to produce more than the absolute minimum. Harry hates Right Boob. He’s the most demanding boss. He tugs and cries, and turns as red as a beet in frustration at Right Boob. I’ve had to step in as the middle manager and counsel Right Boob on its performance. “Let’s talk about the kind of boob you want to be. Do you want to be the kind of boob that just produces the minimum? What can I do to help you be successful here?” I’ll let you know how it goes. The milk situation is hitting a crisis and I’m struggling to keep it together. I really don’t want to supplement with formula. It feels like a huge failure.

Sleep, Come Back: Harry has been an exceptional nighttime sleeper since he was born. This is not something we freely told people. We were not smug and we knew it could change at any moment. That moment came five days ago. Suddenly, Harry stopped sleeping through the night. He was waking two or three times, demanding food and attention, and not making up the lost sleep during the day. For several days, he was eating every two hours during the day and every three hours at night. The little man was eating more than he had as a newborn! Frankly, it’s left me exhausted. My milk production hasn’t been keeping up and we’re both cranky from lack of sleep. I assume this is a growth spurt, but I’m hoping it passes soon.

Poo of the Week: Harry has blown out a diaper every day this week. We’re switching to more expensive diapers to see if we can keep him better contained. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Wee of the Week: So far, I haven’t been hit this week! Woohoo!


  • Rolling over – he’s a champ at it now!
  • His feet
  • His hands
  • His silicone teething toy
  • Otis
  • Penguin arms (flapping his straight arms up and down like a penguin)
  • Being held 24/7
  • Left Boob


  • Socks
  • Blankets
  • Tummy time (rolling over is the death of tummy time)
  • Naps and sleeping
  • Right Boob

Baby Harry: 18 Weeks

The Big News: Harry is getting his first tooth. It feels like a little nub of sandpaper is pushing through his gums on the bottom right. He’s been pretty upset about the whole thing. (As a side note, I’m deaf now in both ears.) My advice to moms of teething babies? Tylenol works. I hate giving him medicine, but he finally got some sleep last night and is a much happier baby today.

Youch!: When breastfeeding, Harry has started clamping down with his gums and turning his head back and forth. It’s excruciating! I don’t know if this is from teething, but it has me worried about the future. I don’t want to lose a nipple when he gets teeth!

Weight: On my home scale, he came in at an impressive 14.4 pounds on May 8. He’ll get his official weight taken at the doctor this week. They weigh him naked there. I’m not so brave.

Poop of the Week: I have two life-changing number twos to report this week. It was Mother’s Day, after all. In the first, I was wiping Harry’s butt during a diaper change when he farted and a wee bit of poop shot out onto my hand. No biggie. That actually happens a lot. I let him go to wipe my hand, averting my gaze slightly for only a few seconds. When I looked up, he was spewing forth a volcano of green, watery cottage cheese poops all over his pajamas and the changing table. It was an astonishing amount since I looked away for only a few seconds. Such a mess. The outfit may be a goner. I didn’t even try with the cover for the changing pad. It went straight to the trash. Some things are not worth saving.

In the second poop, Harry very silently filled his diaper so completely it went over the top of the diaper and out the leg holes on the right side. He outfit was covered from the knee to hip and almost impossible to remove without collateral damage. That outfit may be a goner.

Wee of the Week: No major wee incidents to report this week. After the mega poops, I’m happy to have a light wee week.


  • Chewing my frozen right index finger
  • Chewing a peeled carrot
  • John Oliver
  • My choreographed performance of Still the Same by Bob Seger (Harry thinks the dancing is hilarious.)
  • Leaving on a Jet Plane (the song I usually sing during diaper changes and when he’s flying like superman)
  • Tickling
  • Diaper changes
  • Eating and watching Ben and me eat
  • His crinkly cloth books
  • Baby Bear Sees Blue
  • Exercise


  • Chewing any other frozen finger (he’s very particular)
  • Teething
  • Tickling (his appreciation of tickling varies by the hour)
  • Sleeping

What’s Next: I’m researching solid foods and how to begin that process. It’s too early for us yet, but I’m a planner. I’ll talk to the doctor about it this week. A friend who had a baby a few weeks after Harry already has her baby on solids. I’m not ready yet, though. I need more time to adjust. This is going by way too fast!

Baby Harry: 17 Weeks

Midnight snacks are a family affair in our house.

Midnight feedings are a family affair in our house.

The Big News: Harry can roll over! He started rolling from his tummy to his back last week, but success has been dodgy since. Some days, he’ll roll really well. Other days, he refuses to try. This morning, he did at least a half-dozen rolls in a row. He’s still working on rolling from back to tummy. He gets on his side and has an emotional breakdown. It’s too much for him. He needs time to adjust.

The Hair: I love telling people that the least hairy thing in our house is the thing actually named Harry. Our baby is bald and has no eyebrows. I don’t know when those happen, but I’ve seen smaller babies with much more hair. I’m a bit worried he may never have hair or eyebrows.

Weight: As of last week, he was 13.5 pounds. He has a doctor’s appointment in two weeks. I’m curious if we’ll hit the big 1-5 by then.

Milk Monster: Harry has always been a pokey eater. It was so bad, I sought professional help when he was two months old. He was taking over an hour to eat and, when he eats 6-8 times a day, it was really taking its toll. However, the lactation nurse had no insight. She said some babies are pokey eaters and ours was one of them. So, I decided to accept life on Harry time. He’s still a slow eater, but now it’s because he can’t focus on eating for longer than a few minutes at a time. He’s too busy looking at the world (or the lamp) and being excited.

Poop of the Week: It finally happened. Harry pooped in his bouncy seat. I knew it was inevitable, but I was still sad to see this record go down. The only things he has left to poop on are the loveseat, recliner, and crib.

Wee of the Week: Saturday, he peed on me as I carried him to the bathtub. It went down my shirt and onto my pants and underwear. Baby pee is surprisingly inoffensive, though. It doesn’t really smell and it’s almost never yellow. No biggie. I feel lucky when it doesn’t hit the wall. That’s when I have to clean it up.


  • Dougal
  • Lamps
  • His hands (which are delicious, apparently)
  • My Gordon Lightfoot/Swedish Chef impression
  • Crunches
  • When Ben says “buuuuurp”
  • The changing table
  • Exercising (aka thrashing around 24 hours a day)
  • Flying like Superman (don’t call it tummy time; it is not tummy time)
  • My dancing


  • Naps
  • Bedtime
  • Waiting for food
  • Tummy time

What’s Next: Rolling from back to tummy and his four-month checkup, including another round of vaccines, which I absolutely hate