Baby Harry: 23 Weeks

The best thing in the entire world

The best thing in the entire world

On a Roll: The big news (and there was a lot of big news this week) is that Harry rolled over from his back to his tummy. He does it in the least efficient way possible, however. He rolls onto his side, then drops his hips to the floor, trapping his bottom arm underneath him. At that point, he whimpers and grunts (and sometimes rolls back), then curls his legs up underneath him, creating space for the arm to break loose. And, voila, he’s on his tummy. It’s not pretty. It’s not fast. But, it’s a roll and I’ll take it.

First Words: I’ve read that babies’ first words are often those they hear most often in their home. For our family, I worried Harry’s first words might be “Dougal, stop chewing your butt!” Thankfully, though, he’s heading in a much better direction. This weekend, Harry tried to say “I love you.” It sounded more like “Uh…luf…ooo” but it was absolutely perfect. Made my year.

Sitting Tall: Harry still needs a bit of help to sit up, but he’s able to take a big boy bath (in the baby tub without the support sling), sit on the couch while I inhale some food, and sit between my legs to read a magazine or book. He’s still squirmy as heck, but he’ll sit still if we’re engaged in an activity of some kind. It’s fantastic!

Growing: Two weeks ago, the 6-9 month onesies were baggy. This morning, they were tight. This kid is growing like crazy. He has to be catching up to the averages. We see the doctor again in two weeks.

Poo of the Week: We had surprisingly few blowouts this week. He only pooped in his bouncy seat once. Woohoo! (Note to new parents: Don’t buy used bouncy seats.)

Wee of the Week: I’ve been putting a blanket on the floor to let Harry roll around and play several times a day. Yesterday, he pooped, so I changed him on the blanket. While I was letting his cheeks air out (sometimes the wipes are really wet), he peed all over the blanket. It was a glorious spray and he smiled the whole time. He knows what’s funny.

No Sleep: My eyes no longer focus correctly. I have a constant low-grade headache. Yesterday, when I attempted a nap, I burst into tears because it physically hurts to sleep now. It can’t go on like this, right? At some point, this baby will sleep more than a few hours at a time. We’ll both drop dead otherwise.


  • Washcloths (wet ones are great toys for a hot day)
  • Magazines
  • Baby Bear Sees Blue (still his favorite book)
  • Otis (don’t tell Dougal)
  • Tummy time
  • My hair
  • Biting my face
  • Tummy kisses
  • Soft tickles on his back
  • Chewing everything
  • Kicking and rolling
  • Baths


  • Nose-picking (when I pick his)
  • Sleeping and naps

Baby Harry: 21 Weeks

He's so darn close!

He’s so darn close!

Dairy Cow: The last two weeks, I’ve felt like a dairy cow. And not just because of all the flatulence. I spend so much of my waking hours hooked to a baby or a breast pump, I’m probably mooing in my sleep…if I ever slept. But, it’s paid off. Milk production has kicked up and our freezer now has a nice cushion supply of milk.

The Breaking Point: Left Boob, my powerhouse boob, suffered a major setback this week. A plugged milk duct. Agh!! The agony! It looked and felt like I had a hard Cheeto underneath my skin, and the pain was incredible. The only thing similar is a bee sting. On my boob. Way down deep. Thankfully, it’s starting to recede a bit, thanks to aggressive and consistent pumping. The nurse said it could take two weeks to go away completely.

Speaking of Nurses: Here is a transcript of my phone call with the lactation nurse.

Me: Hi, I think I have a plugged milk duct and I need to know what to do about it.

Nurse: Well, if your baby is latching, you can position your baby so his chin is pressed against the plugged duct. Then, when he nurses, his chin will massage out the plug.

Me: Well, it’s on the top, so I don’t think I can do that.

Nurse: You could nurse him upside down, you know, like lay him down on a table and hang your breast over him. That might work.

Me: (laughing) I don’t think I’m going to do that. Is there anything else?

Nurse: Well, these things tend to work themselves out with time.

Excellent advice there. Yeesh.

Moment of the Week: After reading online that soaking your breasts in hot water helps relieve a plugged duct, I stripped down to the waist, filled my biggest soup pot with hot water and Epsom salts, and proceeded to dunk my pendulous boobs into the water at my kitchen table. I never imagined this is what my life would become.

Milk Aside: Harry is very close to rolling over from his back to his tummy. He’s so darn close, but his bottom arm keeps getting stuck. Ben and I are going nuts cheering him on.

Thumbs Up: Harry started sucking his thumb for the first time yesterday. It’s pretty adorable. I keep shoving other things in his face to distract him from the deliciousness of his newly discovered thumb.

Weight: I no longer trust our ability to weigh him at home. I wonder if the deli would let me use their digital meat scale. If it works for black forest ham, it would work for my Harry!

Sleep: Harry is still very much against it. He’s been waking up once or twice a night to eat. I’m completely exhausted, but he’s deliciously chunky. He has the meatiest little legs!


  • Chewing everything
  • His feet
  • Raspberries on his belly and legs
  • The words “Butt Cream”
  • Being held
  • Standing up
  • Grunting (it’s his new favorite noise)
  • Naps on my or Ben’s chest
  • Conversation of any kind
  • Dancing (especially when being held)
  • Constant motion


  • Naps and sleeping
  • Waiting for food