Baby Harry: 26 Weeks

Two dudes waiting for the doctor.

Two dudes waiting for the doctor.

The Weight: Officially, Harry weighed in at 16 pounds 5 ounces. However, that number is misleading. I joked in my last post that we were going to pack Harry’s diaper with rolls of nickels to cheat the weigh-in. In an odd way, Harry may have done that himself.

After two days of not pooping, he was packing a lot of extra tonnage to his doctor appointment. Within the 24 hours immediately following his appointment, he pooped seven times. Based on the weight of those horrific diapers, I’d guess Harry has an empty weight closer to 13 pounds.

Tall Guy: Our tall guy is actually an incredibly short guy. He’s back into the 3rd percentile for height. I suspect Harry is focusing his growth energy on an enormous brain and leaving more trivial things, like hair and height, for later in life. Or we’re just raising Toulouse Lautrec. Either way.

Lord of the Dance: After getting his final shots Friday, Harry was a grumpy little gus Saturday. He didn’t want to eat, play, or sleep, and he was a fussy, whiny ball of cranky. I literally couldn’t put him down. It was in a moment of desperation I discovered my adorable son loves Riverdance. His face lit up, he squealed, and starting bouncing before becoming absolutely transfixed. I could not pull his eyes away. The man loves Riverdance. (I will not take questions about how I made this discovery. Let’s just move on.)

A Rolling Stone: Harry is not yet crawling, but he’s discovered he can roll to any destination he wants. He rolled up on Hank yesterday and greeted him with a surprise grab of the jowl. (Hank didn’t appreciate it.) Harry also rolled up on Otis and proceeded to pull his back hair. (Otis appreciated it very much.)

Sit, but no Stay: Harry is a champion sitter. He’s getting better and better (which is good since we spend a ton of time on it) and can sit for several seconds without assistance. It’s so much easier to take photos now that he’s sitting up.

Night Moves: Our son loves to be swaddled. The tighter, the better. It was the only way he’d sleep. Now that he rolls, swaddling is a big no-no. I had grand plans about breaking him of the swaddle, but, frankly, at night when everyone is tired, it was just easier to keep swaddling him. Well, that all stopped last week when I woke up at 2:30 a.m., checked the baby monitor, and saw the back of Harry’s head. He was sleeping on his face while swaddled. I panicked. Thankfully, he was okay, but that was the end of the swaddle.

Now, I need to adjust to having a free-sleeper. Harry rolls all over the place in his crib. He sleeps mostly on his left side, but will also roll onto his stomach. It gives me panic attacks. I check the monitor constantly and go in several times a night to make sure he’s still breathing. I’m sure this will get better over the next 18 years, but the anxiety is severe. I’m terrified he’s going to suffocate himself with his enormous head.


  • Ben (his favorite person in the world)
  • Riverdance
  • Mama dance
  • Pulling my hair out
  • Kicking my boobs
  • Pinching my face with his tiny gorilla hands
  • Ripping out Ben’s chest hair
  • Eating everything
  • Laughing
  • Smiling
  • Constant motion
  • Spatulas and spoons
  • Books
  • Anything paper
  • Baths


  • Vaccinations
  • His doctor (stranger anxiety, here we come!)
  • Sitting still
  • Sleep/naps

Baby Harry: 25 Weeks

Harry takes washcloths very, very seriously.

Harry takes washcloths very, very seriously.

So, This is New: Our perfect baby, who generally thrashes and quivers like he’s been mainlining No-Doz tabs, has been sleeping a ton this week. After waking 2-3 times a night for almost two months, he’s sleeping at night again and taking naps during the day. I’m still waking in a panic every few hours like a prisoner of war, but I’m actually getting a few hours of real sleep every night. I’m terrified to enjoy this, however. This can’t last.

Poo of the Week: I was putzing in the kitchen one morning earlier this week. Harry was in his bouncy chair, kicking and thrashing, and being adorable. I turned to get something out of the fridge. When I turned back, his shirt was soaked from waistband to nipples. It wasn’t pee. I have no idea how it traveled out of the butt, down the crack, past the balls, and through the top of the diaper with enough force to clear the nipples. It’s a physical achievement that cannot be explained.

Weight: On our home scale, Harry weighed 16 pounds this week. That’s still on the skinny side, but not terrible. He goes to the doctor next week for his official weigh-in. I’m hoping for a robust number. We might have to pack his diaper full of nickels.

Hell of an Arm: Harry discovered his ability to throw things this week. In related news, bending over every 10 seconds is doing wonders for my butt.

Volume Control: Harry’s into loud, explosive sounds right now. Loud screeching. Loud grunting. Loud cooing. Loud everything. He’s discovered his voice is awesome and he can’t get enough of it. Thankfully, it’s completely adorable in every way. He’ll be plugging along with “baa paa haa hiiiii” and throw in a random “GAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” and then just laugh at our looks of surprise. It’s fantastic. I think he has a sense of humor already.

Puppy Love: This is the first week Harry has expressed interest in the dogs. He’s constantly reaching for them and trying to squish them. He tried to chew Otis’ ear. The dogs aren’t quite sure what to make of this newfound affection, but they seem to accept it.

Food Fan: We haven’t yet started solids with Harry. I know it’s late, he’s over six months now. But, he’s not sitting on his own without support. We’ll talk to the doctor about it next week. Harry is very interested in food, though. He tries to grab everything we eat. He thinks he’s ready.

Definitely Our Son: Harry has been deliberately pushing out farts and enjoying the sound. It’s a beautiful thing. Is it nature or nurture? Who cares! It’s adorable. He farts like a grown man already.


  • Washcloths (best toy ever)
  • David Bowie and Ella Fitzgerald
  • Songs about diapers
  • Dancing
  • Standing up
  • Tummy time
  • Spoons
  • My bathrobe
  • Chewing on my face
  • Conversation
  • Hank


  • Lotion
  • Sitting