Baby Harry: 41 Weeks

Harry didn't care for the pumpkins much, but he loved the mud and hay bales.

Harry didn’t care for the pumpkins much, but he loved the mud and hay bales.

Weight: Harry feels very solid right now. He looks a lot leaner and taller, and he can really move his weight around these days. He’s a strong, active boy who loves to wrestle anything and anyone. He battled my sweatshirt last week with such gusto! He gets an intense look, grunts and breathes hard, and rolls and tackles and takes that sweatshirt (or me!) down.

Nicknames: Big Sausage, Hair Bear, My Sweet Babboo

Stand Up Guy: Standing is the new thing. Harry has decided crawling is for suckas. He’s moved straight to standing up and trying to walk. Army crawling does the job when he needs to make tracks quickly, but the bulk of his effort right now is spent standing and walking. No sitting. No laying down. There can only be standing.

Sharky Malarky: Harry has 5 ½ teeth right now. There are three and a half teeth on the top, two on the bottom, and they are sharp! He bites everything, including me.

No (Insert Verb Here): Right now, we’re working on the major nos. No biting. No hitting. No gauging out my eyeball. No pulling hair. No screaming directly in my ear. (Did I mention this baby is a real handful? Wow, he’s got energy!)

Dancing Machine: We’re also working on the yeses. Yes to dance parties. Yes to singing. Yes to talking really loudly. Yes to whispering. Yes to slobbery baby kisses. Yes to hugs. Yes to wrestling. Yes to playing tag. Yes to singing all the songs. Yes to long walks. Yes to playing in the grass and leaves. Yes to rolling around with Otis and Dougal.

Poo of the Week: This is a good one, folks. Harry was on a two-prune breakfast regimen for a few days to bust through a bout of constipation (damn that rice cereal!). And bust through he did. His diaper felt a bit heavy a few days ago. I couldn’t feel a log in there, but it felt heavy. So, I pulled open the leg to check and put my finger right into soft poo. I picked him up and took him to the changing table, where I uncapped a packed diaper. There was no part of the diaper that wasn’t full of poop. It was at capacity. Biggest poop he’s ever had. In order to swab up the big chunks with the diaper (to keep the changing table clear of poo), I lifted up Harry’s feet with one hand and slid the diaper out from under him with the other. Almost immediately, Sir Kicks A Lot started thrashing, got one foot free, and plopped it right into the loaded diaper. His sock was covered in soft poop. I grabbed his foot, pulled the diaper out, then tried to get the sock off. It came off with a snap of elastic, sending poop splatter all over the wall. Poop everywhere. On the wall, on the changing table, on the baby. It was an astonishing amount of poop. It was excellent.

Sleepy Baby: I’m afraid to even mention this, but Harry has been sleeping really well. We’ve had a week of solid sleep and I’m terrified this is a passing phase. I forgot how wonderful sleep could be. Ben and I are even talking about getting back to a  workout schedule. But, I’m afraid to jinx it.

Funny Girl: Ben and Harry were shopping the other day when Harry caught the attention of curious toddler. She asked Ben, “What’s his name?” Ben said “Harry” and she said, “But he doesn’t have any hair!” So cute!


  • Cheerios
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Bowls
  • Paper cups
  • Keys
  • Magazines
  • Eyeglasses
  • Water
  • Mud
  • Hay


  • Beets
  • Pumpkins

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