Baby Harry: 48 Weeks


I’m so far behind on this blog. The days are going by so quickly and I’m struggling to keep up. Work is crazy and somehow it’s mid-December. How the heck did I get here?

Harry is doing so well. He’s becoming his own person and that’s very, very exciting. He’s forming opinions about the world and showing us more of his personality every day.

Here’s what I know so far.

He’s a bit shy. Though he likes to make all kind of noises and talk at home, he’s pretty quiet when we’re out and about. He may wave and say hi to a stranger, but it’s very rare. He gets shy when people talk to him (and they talk to him all the time!).

He’s always busy. Our little man is a wiggler! He’s always crawling, standing, walking, chasing the dogs, playing, singing, waving…there’s little rest to be had. He has so much energy!

He’s a funny guy. Harry is a smiler. He loves to laugh and be funny. And, he’s started playing pranks on us. He’ll pretend he’s going to share his food, then smile and put the food into his mouth. His new thing is to pee on the changing table on purpose. I can see him pushing! Then, when a bit of pee sprays up, he laughs and kicks his legs. I try so hard not to laugh, but it’s so, so funny.

He’s great at growing teeth. Harry is not even a year old and he has seven teeth. I’ve never heard of a baby having so many teeth so soon! Only two are on the bottom, though, which has me a bit worried. I hope those start coming in.

He’s growing a ton. Just when most babies start to slow down in their growth, Harry seems to be growing faster than ever. He grows out of everything! I just bought him new pajamas a month ago and they’re already snug. I can’t believe how much bigger he seems every week.

He’s getting heavy. I have no time to exercise, but my arms are getting super strong from lugging around our big lug. I may never have to do upper body weights again. Lifting and carrying Harry is a great workout.

He’s been sleeping better. We had one week when he was up two to three times a night. It’s when his first molar was coming through. Ever since, he’s been sleeping from about 8:30-9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Not bad. I wish we could get a little bit more sleep, but I’m not greedy at this point. I’ll take what I can get.

He’s almost walking. He can walk really well if we hold both his hands. He can walk pretty well if we hold one hand, but we’re still convincing him of that. He doesn’t quite have the confidence yet to boldly go forth on his own. He’s a cautious little man right now.

He’s an expert crawler. While he still reverts to the army crawl when he wants to get somewhere fast, he crawls on all fours more and more every day. He also practices getting up and sitting down almost all day. He’ll do tons of reps, then take off crawling for the next piece of furniture, where he does the stand up-sit down routine all over again. I told you he had energy!

He’s a great eater. Harry loves food of all kinds. Even if he doesn’t like something at first taste (beets, yogurt, strawberries, quinoa, etc.), he starts to like them over time. He’s eating a ton of food right now. Cooking for him is my favorite weekend activity. I made a chicken noodle casserole last week that he absolutely loves.

He loves my grandma. Over Thanksgiving, he went gaga for my grandma. He spent so much time staring at her and stroking her hand. It was the sweetest thing. I’ve never seen him do that with anyone else. He was transfixed by her. Melted my heart.

He’s the best thing that ever happened. I cannot describe how much I love this little boy. It’s beyond what I ever imagined. My heart is so full of love and joy (and fear and anxiety) around this perfect little person. He is everything to me. I’m so just completely in love with him.


  • Anything paper
  • Plastic bags
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Hide and seek
  • Taking things off shelves
  • Taking things out of boxes
  • Unfolding towels
  • Talking
  • Singing
  • Making raspberries
  • Standing and sitting
  • Giving kisses
  • Early morning and bedtime snuggles
  • Being outside
  • Dirt and plants
  • Rain
  • Otis and Dougal
  • “Combing” my hair
  • The Christmas tree
  • Eyeglasses
  • Reading
  • Peeing on the changing table
  • Making us laugh


  • Yogurt (for now)
  • Getting into his carseat
  • Having things taken away
  • Almost nothing – he loves so much!

What’s next? His first birthday is coming up really fast. I’m sad, happy, and emotional, all things at once, and I totally understand why people have more kids. You really want to feel this way all the time. There’s such a fullness of heart that cannot be described. The reverse of that, however, is that it’s almost the New Year and I still look six months pregnant. I definitely need to get on that. Ugh. If only baby kisses burned more calories!