15 months already?


Is that? Oh no. Twice in one week, Harry brought us dog poop. The first time, Ben was at the park and Harry was bringing him pine cones until one of the pine cones wasn’t a pine cone. The second time, we were in our yard and Harry brought me a Hank poop. We pick up poop as it happens, but apparently this one slipped by my radar. So gross. Thankfully, Harry really likes washing his hands.

Shark baby Our little shark baby has almost all of his teeth. Two more broke in on the bottom, bringing the whole mouth total to 12. I think he’s supposed to get 20 total, but I have no idea how that many teeth will fit into his tiny mouth. He’s running out of space!

Glass case of emotion Harry is in an odd phase right now. He’s very, very emotional, and the tiniest things put him over the edge. He’s exceptionally needy. He holds onto my pants or skirts, and looks up at me just wailing to be held. Since this only happens when my hands are full of knives or hot pans or raw chicken juice, it breaks my heart to ask him to please give me two seconds to get my hands free. He’s such a little sweetheart and so affectionate, but it can be overwhelming. Toddlers are incredibly needy little creatures. At the same time, he wants to do everything himself, so it’s a constant guessing game with someone who changes his mind by the second. I love him like crazy and it’s hard to see him get frustrated with the limitations of his body and mind.

Moo, meow, maa Harry and I sing a song to learn the animal noises and, frankly, I think I’m getting some of them wrong. I made up this song myself, but I’ve been looking at kids’ books and I might be leading Harry astray on the animal noises.

Chicken says bok bok
Cat says meow meow
Puppy says woof woof
Owl says hoo hoo
Goat says maa maa
Sheep says baa baa
Frog says ribb-itt
Duck says quack quack
Donkey says hee haw
Pig says oink oink
Cow says moo moo
Doogie says woo woo
Bear says rawr rawr
Bird says cheep cheep

There are tons of noises I’d love to add to the lineup, but I can’t make a horse or elephant sound, and I have no idea what sounds hippos and raccoons make. When he points to his elephant, I say “elephant says hi there” and he goes with it. Someday he’s going to realize “hi there” is the wrong answer.

The hair Harry still appears hairless from a distance (see photo evidence above), but he’s finally growing hair. It’s the shiniest, blondest hair. It’s gorgeous and soft, and he loves to pet his head.

Harry’s Likes:

  • Bubbles
  • Yogurt
  • Yam pancakes
  • Wearing my underwear like a poncho
  • Being outside ALL THE TIME
  • Oranges
  • Rocks
  • Sticks
  • Otis and Dougal (especially Dougal)
  • Being upside down
  • The park
  • Getting into everything
  • Squeezing into tight places

Harry’s Dislikes:

  • Getting his teeth brushed
  • Getting stuck in too-tight places
  • Sleep