The Harry Dictionary


The last month has been all about words. Out of nowhere, our pointing, grunting, little guy has become profoundly verbal. In fact, he never stops talking.

Here’s a quick translation guide to help.

  • Hay-wold – Harold
  • Doodoo – Dougal
  • Day-cee – Gracie
  • Ank – Hank
  • Oh-dee – Otis
  • Dapes – Grapes
  • Bah-bah (long pause) koo – Barbecue
  • Foe wocks – Throw rocks
  • Mee-mee Mo – Mickey Mouse
  • Don Duck
  • Fee-fee – Goofy
  • Poo-po – Pluto
  • Chep-mo – Chipmunk
  • Skweer – Squirrel
  • Pig – Hippo (he knows what’s up)
  • Duh Foo – Duck food
  • Dah Foo – Dog food
  • Frah How – Frog House (a book he loves)
  • Tenille – Toenail
  • Ahm (long pause) pit – Armpit
  • Oh sigh – Outside
  • Suh-meel – Soy milk
  • Soup-man – Superman or Snowman (it’s all about context)
  • See-hoss – Seahawks
  • Ass-oss – Applesauce
  • Mo nose – Blow nose
  • Mo-mo – Muffin
  • Pee-buh – Peanut butter

The following are words that need no translation. You’ll see a pattern here. Two-year-olds, dude.

  • Cheese
  • Out
  • Mine
  • No
  • Shoot (basketball)
  • Tractor
  • Truck
  • Bike

What word has he not yet managed to utter? Yes! He’s starting nodding yes, but it’s rare. Harry’s a no-man. He loves no.

In other news

Mr. Basketball This kid loves playing basketball. Every day after work, we play basketball outside for about an hour. Ben and Harry play basketball at the gym most days. After dinner, he plays basketball inside the house. He’s constantly yelling “Shoot! Shoot! Miss!” and he likes to point out all the parts of the hoop (net, rim, backboard). He especially loves it when the older kids in our neighborhood shoot baskets with him. He feels very special.

Mr. Football Ever since we saw my parents for Thanksgiving, Harry has been obsessed with watching football on TV. We’ve never allowed him to watch TV at home, but now he asks to watch football every day. Thankfully, football isn’t on very often and we can usually distract him. But, he watched some of the Rose Bowl, the last Seahawks playoff game, and a bit of the Pro Bowl. He likes to watch, run around, and throw his own football. He also likes to yell “Touchdown!”

“Ree Book” When he’s not playing basketball, playing Find Doodoo (Find Dougal), or wrestling, he’s reading. Right now, he’s bonkers for books. Every two weeks, I pick out 8-10 books from the library and Harold reads most of them every day. Together, we read 4-5 books before bed. He also reads in the car and during his meals. He loves books. I really hope this sticks!


  • Throwing things
  • Animals
  • Grapes
  • Yelling/Grunting
  • Splashing his bathwater
  • Doing dishes
  • Feeding the dogs
  • Walking the dogs on their leashes
  • Magazines
  • Muffins
  • Trains
  • Airplanes
  • Cheese


  • Brushing his teeth

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